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Keynote speaker, Marcel Daane, created his Headstrong Performance consulting practice in 2012 to help large organizations build operationally fit cultures and gain a sustainable advantage in the world’s competitive markets.

Through customizable courses and workshops distilled from Marcel’s extensive experience working with organisations and executives around the world, Headstrong Performance dedicates itself to help organizations plan, implement, and then sustain the momentum of a headstrong performance culture. This proven approach leads to an engaged culture that will empower you to solve challenging business issues and achieve strategic objectives.

Headstrong Performance is a boutique business consulting, and executive coaching practice based in Singapore. Headstrong Performance means determined, focused, and committed to our personal, as well as organizational, performance. By building fitter brains through the integration of sound nutrition, regular exercise and applied neuroscience, Headstrong Performance primes the brains of executives, and leadership teams, for superior performance capacity, resulting in a culture of operational fitness.

Headstrong Performance offers an integrated, results based approach, with practical solutions that are attainable for any executive, or leadership team, seeking to get the most out of their brains,
Ranging from mental and physical assessments to customized executive coaching programs, Headstrong Performance has the unique ability to not only build capacity in the brains of our clients, but also help them develop the necessary skills to put their mental performance potential to good use.

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Marcel Daane

Headstrong Performance

Improve Your Mental Performance With Nutrition, Exercise, and Neuroscience

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