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HeadStrong Performance


Kirkus Review says: “Headstrong Performance is an expertly crafted debut and an eye-opening wake-up call for any executive.”

Ron Kaufman, New York Times Best Selling Author, says: “Marcel has written a breakthrough book connecting the insights of neuroscience with the reality of our daily lives. These ideas and exercises deliver immediate performance improvements in your health, your happiness, and your success in life. Read this book today to perform better tomorrow.”

This breakthrough book challenges traditional views about business, leadership, and performance by linking the benefits of nutrition and exercise with the power of neuroscience to optimize executive performance.
In today’s dynamic business climate, despite technological advances, executives spend more time at work than ever before. Faster-moving markets, shorter deadlines, constant change, and tighter budgets all mean greater pressure and increased energy demands.

Headstrong Performance explores the research behind the deterioration of executive performance as a result of stress mismanagement and reveals the neuroscience behind stress and poor health behaviors commonly witnessed in the workplace. These misguided coping strategies ultimately result in employee disengagement, decreased business performance, and subsequently, a suffering bottom line.

Armed with the latest science, this book provides numerous highly effective health strategies that will enable today’s professionals to work toward improved, sustainable business performance—and remain at the top of their game for years to come.

Marcel Daane

Headstrong Performance

Improve Your Mental Performance With Nutrition, Exercise, and Neuroscience


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