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Marcel Daane on Channel News Asia

In this interview from AM Live, Mind-Body Leadership and Executive Coaching practitioner, Marcel Daane explains how athletic performance and executive performance are deceptively similar and how having a better understanding of the intricate relationship between our physical health and brain capacity can greatly improve our performance at work.

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Five Energies of Horrible Bosses and How Not To Become One

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The fundamental difference between a great boss and a horrible boss is how they project their energy onto others. Everything else is born from that energy. Five Energies of Horrible Bosses and How Not To Become One is a Leadership Book like you have never read before. This book offers a holistic framework using a powerful blend of Ancient Asian Energy Practices and Modern Western Science that helps leaders and teams master their energy projection for better influence, connectedness, communication, and collaboration.

2020 Executive Coach of The Year (Singapore)

Voted Executive Coach of the Year in 2020 by Singapore Prestige Brands, Recipient of the 2012 Global HR Excellence Award in Leadership as well as the 2016 Global Coaching Leadership Award, Marcel Daane is a thought leader and author who believes we need to constantly challenge the paradigm of normal management practices if we want to keep evolving.

A Mind-Body Leadership & Executive Coaching practitioner, Marcel is considered one of the world’s authorities in mind-body leadership, a combination of mindfulness and body-awareness to inspire authenticity, openness and trust in leadership, strategy, teamwork, change-management, and communication.

He is the author of Five Energies of Horrible Bosses and How Not To Become One and his critically acclaimed book and App called: Headstrong Performance.” Marcel is a renowned neuroscience and leadership researcher exploring the link between physical and mental wellness and their impact on leadership and performance capacity in individuals, teams, and organizations.



Protect Your Brain From The Hazards of Living In A Stressful and Uncertain World


Kirkus Review says: “Headstrong Performance is an expertly crafted debut and a welcoming eye-opener for any executive.” This breakthrough book challenges traditional views about business, leadership, and performance by linking the benefits of nutrition and exercise with the power of neuroscience to optimize executive performance.