Mind-Body Leadership Workshops in Singapore

Holistic Change Management and Leadership Workshops

Marcel created his Headstrong Performance consulting practice in 2010 to help companies build operationally fit cultures and gain a sustainable advantage in the world’s competitive markets. Through customizable courses and workshops distilled from Marcel’s extensive experience working with organizations and executives around the world, Headstrong Performance dedicates itself to help organizations plan, implement, and then sustain the momentum of a headstrong performance culture. This proven approach leads to an engaged culture that will empower you to solve challenging business issues and achieve strategic objectives.

Below are some examples of existing holistic leadership skills workshops designed and conducted by Marcel.


1. Leadership Tai Chi

Lessons learned from the military, and from training athletes, has taught us that the ability of any team, or organization, to remain on top of its game and relevant, is dependent on the level of adaptability and agility that team, or organization, possesses.

Overwhelming research is showing that today’s increasingly demanding markets are stretching our executives so thin they are suffering from chronic exhaustion, stress, and burnout, which in turn jeopardizes an organization’s adaptive capacity. However, this does not have to be so.

In this In this mind-body leadership skills workshop, Leadership Coach and Martial Arts Expert, Marcel Daane, will teach you how to implement the five fundamental principles of Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong into your leadership approach.

Applying the five principles will provide you with the necessary tools for greater self-awareness, self-control, and mindfulness, which in turn will enable you to become an even more effective communicator and motivator who will become an island of calm for their team, even in the most stormy of oceans.




2. Team Brain-Age Workshop

Latest research in Neuroscience shows that a young brain is more capable of being adaptable, resilient, learning new skills, being more focused, being creative, and changing its behavior, all skills critical in today’s volatile business climate. As brains get older, they gradually lose their capacity for neuroplasticity and become increasingly more fixed in their beliefs and habits, thus making them less adaptable. What’s really exciting is that further research is showing that we are in control of how rapidly our brains age through our daily rituals and mindsets.

At a team or organizational level, success is dependent on the capacity of the collective brains of all members to apply themselves in a manner that produces those results that are aligned with the team’s or organization’s objectives. The younger the collective team brain-age, the more capacity that team will have to achieve sustained success and exceed performance objectives.

In this program, prior to the workshop, each team member will undergo a proprietary Online Brain-Age Assessment to help them measure their own personal brain capacity for leadership success. Following the assessments, a Team Brain Age profile will be presented to the team, which will trigger a commitment by all team members to adopt daily rituals and mindsets that raise the team’s performance capacity for sustained success. 

3. Leadership Skills for Managers Workshop

In today’s fast-moving markets, managers often find themselves stretched so thin working under tight deadlines, minimal budgets, and with minimal resources that people leadership suffers, significantly jeopardizing essential levels of trust, well-being, and sense of safety, which in turn reduces team engagement, productivity, and performance

Furthermore, organizations and industries will continue to evolve rapidly over the coming years and with it, so too will the demands on our managers. For the manager to be on top of his or her game, the challenge is to be able to evolve with the industry without sacrificing leadership capacity.

By learning how to apply practical self-awareness and leadership strategies, managers can begin to build a “toolbox” of leadership skills that will enable them to remain on top of their games and elevate their teams in the process.

The ultimate goal of this 1-day Leadership Skills For Managers workshop is to evoke reflection on how participants’ own behaviors around self-leadership, communication styles, and growth mindsets, have a direct effect on the levels of engagement, well-being, and productivity on their team members.

The Leadership Skills For Managers Workshop is a stimulating blend of applied neuroscience, leadership effectiveness, and emotional intelligence topped off with practical self-leadership techniques from exercise physiology and performance psychology designed to optimize user-led adoption of leadership principles.

4. Leading for Change

In his 1949 book: “The Organization of Behavior”, Donald Hebb proposed a neuroscientific mechanism called Neuroplasticity. Since then, an overwhelming amount of research has explored how our brains are constantly rewiring in response to internal, and external, environmental change.

However, in today’s disruptive and volatile business climate, organizations are forced to adapt to so much change that, if not managed effectively, it risks chipping away at the resilience of their people. Ultimately, organizational resilience and adaptability are dependent on the collective brains of its people. As adaptability in our people decreases, so too does their adaptability to change, resulting in a drop in employee engagement, and finally, organizational performance.

In this one-day workshop, Mind-Body Leadership Practitioner and Executive Coach, Marcel Daane, will share with you the research behind “Managing Change” and will teach you how to not only manage change within yourself but more importantly, to thrive during times of change. Furthermore, you will also learn how to become an ambassador of change who inspires, elevates, and mobilizes others to rise to the occasion and overcome any obstacles so the entire organization can turn in the desired direction toward sustained growth and success.

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