Executive and Team Coaching With Marcel Daane

Use Your Energy To Make A Greater Impact in Your Career and Life in Less Time

Let’s face it! In today’s business world, doing a great job is not good enough anymore. The higher you climb on the corporate ladder, the broader your range needs to become as a manager and as a leader. At a fundamental level, your brand as a professional is dictated by the type of energy you project in both strategic and people-oriented situations. Your agility to effortlessly shift your own energy to effectively match the energy of the situation and the people you interact with will be critical if you want to be known as a fast-track professional who makes the greatest impact in all aspects of the job, in less time.

Team Coaching

Raise Your Team's iQ for Greater Productivity in Less Time

If there were one critical factor that every team or organization needs to be successful, it would be  be the number of high quality interactions in the shortest amount of time. The higher the number of high quality interactions your team produces translates directly into greater productivity and even greater revenue. Achieving a High Team iQ requires consistent work to maintain high levels of trust, constructive conversations, commitment to the team’s mission, and accountability that is only achievable with the help of a coach. Contact Marcel to find out more about how you can help your team raise their Team iQ.

Transformational Leadership Coaching

Be The Change You Want to See in Your Team

Transformational Leadership Coaching strives to synchronize the mind with the body by keeping the complete human being in a mindful state thus laying the foundation to improve emotional and cognitive function while simultaneously developing a fitter, stronger, and more dynamic body. This, in turn, improves overall self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which are key attributes that enable the transformational leader to have a positive influence on his or her environment. Some pleasant side-effects may include losing unwanted body-fat; gaining lean muscle mass; improving balance, speed and agility; improving concentration, focus, and memory, while simultaneously influencing your people to think different, dream bigger, and be better.

Executive Coaching

Make A Greater Impact With Less Effort

Marcel takes the best of today’s executive coaching systems and integrates them with mindfulness and Energy Practices to enable positive shifts in the client’s way of being. Commencing with Marcel’s proprietary Headstrong Performance Assessment, and his Five Energies Assessment, the client’s current status of thinking, behavior, health condition and habits, is determined, which provides a base for progress and effective identification for goals to work towards that will aid in leadership, branding, relationship management, performance, and career advancement


Career Strategy Coaching

Get Your Next Promotion in Less Time

Are you tired of waiting for someone to give you your next promotion? Well, you are not alone. Marcel has worked with hundreds of professionals to help them land their next dream job…and can do the same for you too. Learn how to build the right personal brand that spans far beyond your CV and instead clearly represents who you are through how you show up to your prospective promoters.

Mental Resilience and Wellness Coaching

Ensure Your Staying Power and Vitality

In today’s competitive world, whether at work, at school, in sports, or even at home, people are feeling the ill effects that stress and exhaustion have on their mental performance. Marcel’s mental performance coaching utilizes a holistic model, integrating Mindfulness Exercises, Nutrition, and Neuroscience to build mental, and physical, resilience against those stressors that inhibit performance and combines behavioral coaching to drive mental performance to its full potential.

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